I am so excited to present to you Terra Potta Gardening, a gardening blog that will inspire you, inform you, and keep you up to date on all things in the garden! There will be an emphasis on container gardening, but I will also discuss improving and maintaining your gardens as well.  I’ll teach you everything you need to know to grow a great garden including how to plant, prune and maintain your gardens whether in the ground or in your favorite container.  I will also invite you to be part of many projects going on in my own garden – projects that you can adopt and take into yours.  However, you don’t even know me….so let me introduce myself……

'Connecticut Yankee' Delphinium

My name is Andrea and this is ‘Connecticut Yankee’ Delphinium and it literally changed my life.    In 1985 (at age 32) my husband and I moved to St. Louis, Missouri and bought a home in an urban area where gardens were the size of postage stamps. At the time, I was a medical secretary for a very large university.  I spent my time indoors and would never dream of getting my hands dirty, I was too girlie for that.  One day my neighbor gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden.  ‘Connecticut Yankee’ was one of those flowers.  That was my Aha! moment.  Look at those beautiful blue petals!  It wasn’t long before my Saturday morning manicures were destroyed by Sunday evening and there was never enough time to do all the gardening I wanted to do.

In 1990 I left that office job and I have not been inside since.  I became a Master Gardener, then went on to college for a degree in horticulture, then became a Certified Arborist (who knew?).  I have been helping the public ever since.  I started a not for profit organization where I taught gardening to the public and they would in turn, volunteer in planting and maintaining public gardens.  As an arborist, I spent my days identifying and analyzing trees, particularly those in parks – I looked at over 13,000 trees in one summer!  I maintained the parks in my own historic neighborhood.  I gave lectures to local garden clubs and neighborhood HOAs.  Because of my arboriculture certification, I had to be current on anything horticulture or arboriculture.

My husband and I, one dog and three cats, relocated to Northwest Florida in 2007.  Going from a growing zone 5 to a zone 9 has become somewhat of a challenge.  I can grow (and do) most of what I had in St. Louis (no lilacs or peonies, unfortunately), but now I can add several more species to my landscape, including citrus trees, many evergreens, including camellias and crape myrtles.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Look for two postings a week.  My basic blog that shows you……and my second blog which is entitled “From the Potting Shed….”